Are you living Life from your HEART?

Chances are ..

You aren't fully living like you'd want to.  

Whether you're going through cancer, are supporting a loved one on their cancer journey or you are simply looking to live life on your terms.. 

I am SO glad you've found your way here my love.  MyHeartMoves is here to support YOU, through a unique holistic blend of coaching, nutrition, movement and mentorship.

Together we will work closely from wherever you are in life right now, to where you dream it to be.

So who am I?

Hi! My name is Lisanne, holistic life coach, personal trainer, student of life for life, a gracious force of love and light, friend, sister, daughter, woman, free spirit.

To me every breath and moment we get to live is a gift and it is my deep commitment to support as many people as possible in their journey of living their light, honoring their body and moving from their heart.

Growing up I was massively intrigued with the mind/body connection from a very young age and studied everything around our human experience from training and nutrition, to psychology, mindfulness and different modalities of life coaching, giving me a huge allround background to pull from in working with you.

I've been training and coaching people for 8+ years, but when I I lost my dad to cancer early 2016, life deepened in a whole new way...

1-1 coaching

Live the life that's on your heart

What others say about MyHeartMoves

Sophie Epstone,

Trekstock charity

'Lisanne worked closely with two of our beneficiaries with compassion and understanding and was a joy to work with.'

Jannet Den Dekker,

Foundation OOK

'The workshops Lisanne taught at our center were a perfect combination of movement and coaching which our patients and their loved ones experienced as energising and calming.'

Nilmini Francis, client

'Lisanne is a hugely motivating and caring coach with a deep knowledge of the human body. She steered me to levels of activity I never thought I would be capable of while remaining mindful of my injuries. Her upbeat and joyful style of teaching has truly brightened my life'

Dr. Dan Reardon, Fitness Genes

"I think one of the most important qualities an individual can have when their mission is to empower lifestyle change, is compassion. Lisanne has this quality in abundance. Take it as a given that she has all the health and fitness knowledge required, that she also follows herself, to be the protagonist in her movement - but she also has the mindset and empathy to emotional connect with her followers and truly help them on their wellness journey."

'Only from the heart

              can you touch the sky'

- Rumi -

I'm here for YOU

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