Let's move!

Work 1-1 with me to create a life that..

Fulfills you.

Makes your heart sing.

Puts a huge smile on your face, every single day.

Where you feel empowered, easy, abundant.

A life where all areas align and lift each other up.

Where you feel confident and free.

You move through challenges gracefully.

In our coaching sessions we will focus on you as a WHOLE, awesome being.  How you're showing up in the world, what's going on in all areas, where are the kinks and how can we move you from where you are now to where you dream to be.


And.. how can we do that in a fun, loving, supported and empowering way?

(because results are great, enjoying the journey there.. now THAT is juicy)


I believe that everyone is perfect, nothing needs to be 'fixed'.  However, there are things that aren't working and therefore you aren't creating the results in life you would like to.

This could be in any area..

  • Your mission and purpose in the world

  • Money

  • Relationships

  • Health

  • Selfcare

  • Your overall happiness

  • Wounds that need healing from your past that are in the way

  • And so on..

How amazing would it be if you could live a life of possibilities in all of the above?!

This my love, is exactly why you and I get to work together.

To create the life that's on YOUR HEART, that's in alignment as a whole.  


I will support you each step of the way, holding a safe space for you to grow in this process, but also not afraid to say what's tough and call you forward into your best self.  We will create the practices that serve YOU best and I've got a huge toolkit to support you.

We would work together for 3, 6 or12 months to create long lasting results and truly transform life into a new, uplifted reality.

You can use the form below for questions and to set up your FREE discovery session where we get to know each other, tell stories, dive into what coaching really is, how it can serve you and see if we're a perfect match to create magic in your life.


What others say:

"Lisanne her mix of knowledge, presence and action taking is a powerful support system. She’s incredibly caring and always challenging herself out of her commitment to grow and support others powerfully each day. To me Lisanne is not only an inspirer but also someone I turn to when I need clarity and solutions to move forward, her influence will undoubtedly support you in upgrading your life."
- Caterina Ricci -

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