So.. what moves MY heart?

Traveling, discovering new places.  FOOD.  Looking for the edges and leaning into growth.  Seeing the people I love kick ass in life, dancing.  The words I live by are freedom, service, integrity, play, love & growth. 


What moves me is how we as humans are just as hilarious, as crazy, as we are breathtaking. The sun, moon. Deep conversations. How our body works, what lives in peoples hearts and souls and what we are capable of creating. 

And gorgeous, I truly couldn't be more thankful to meet you here.
             Now for my story..

My life is quite the story to tell and goes all over the place (no wonder I now live my life as a 'nomad').  I grew up in Holland, with my mum, dad and sister. Besides them, I've got 3 incredible older sisters, meaning my dad had 5 (yes, FIVE) girls.


Overall my life can be summed up to.. I always followed where I was guided.  Like when I started dancing and the first day at school knew:

'YUP, this is it.'

Whenever I feel like I'm meant to do something.. it's like there is no other option anymore. It's happening. And my mum knew this too, even when everyone was doubting my talents in dancing, when she asked me whether it was what I wanted, she knew by the look on my face she could better support me, as there was NO way it wasn't going to happen.

So needless to say.. I became a professional dancer, model and actress.  But after a few years in the industry, I got completely stuck. I couldn't even look at myself in the mirror anymore and didn't know what I wanted anymore.  I took a week for myself, knowing that all I could do at that time was follow my intuition. And that week I realised: I wanted my work to have deeper meaning and inspire people, whether I'd be modeling, dancing, teaching or coaching.. It had to have depth, come from my heart.  MyHeartMoves was born.

On my own health journey I found everything out there so confusing.  It's a noisy world in the health industry and I started to see that when we truly listen to our body, let go of what no longer serves us, fall in love with ourselves and follow our heart.. things align.  We feel more fullfillment, live with ease.  Because our heart always speaks to us, it's just that we haven't learned (or forgotten) how to listen.


From there I rolled into the fitness industry, specializing in pilates and personal training and as much as I loved it.. I could only do so much in an hour training people. I am a massive believer that everything touches everything in our lives and love going to the root of things. And I started creating a holistic method of training and coaching, empowering people to live a fully expressed life, however that may look to them.

And then my world turned upside down..


We found out that my dad's cancer had returned (only a year after it was 'gone') and that he only had a few weeks/months to live. During those last 2 months of his life I was working in London (where I was living at the time) for 10 days and then being home for 4 days. We went into a deep period of grief, bonding, healing and growing both together as a family as individuals. 


During that time it became clear to me.. this holistic method.. I had to create it within the aftercare of cancer.  If I could even just help 1 person to not go through what my dad went through.. it would be worth it and it has been my deepest commitment ever since.


The past years I've been specializing in cancer care, different modalities of deep life coaching, volunteering, hearing stories and creating a way of coaching that truly heals, empowers and opens up new possibilities in peoples lives. 

I know how important it is to have someone neutral to talk to while going through/after cancer, who you can be completely yourself with and helps you see what you are capable of.  Someone who keeps you on track in a loving and supporting way.

To me there is nothing as exciting as seeing someone blossom into a life and body beyond what they thought possible.


But it's not just about aftercare for me. More and more I see the younger generations, who often have family members go through disease or experience burnout themselves (me too, but that's a whole other essay). And this generation is waking up.

We see that we have an opportunity here to change the tide. To do things different. We are seeing that the 'old' ways are no longer working and a 'new' world is emerging.  And I am just as passionate about prevention as about aftercare. 

Working together with young people to create this wave of change in the world, contribute, live the life that's on our heart, elevate and take care of our planet and along the line have the most FUN is something that gives me goosebumps each time I realize that this is now actually my life, I'm living and creating my vision daily.

Together we can do SO much.  Connect with me on Instagram or Facebook or if you're ready to dive deep in creating a life that's in alignment with what's on your heart, send me a message to work with me privately here.