My heart moves

                 after cancer

Holistic coaching

Mindful movement

Practical support

  • Let go of anxious thoughts and fear?

  • Learn how to navigate through insecure times?

  • Focus on possibilities instead of limitations?

  • Learn how to trust and listen to your body (again)?

  • Tune in with YOU and move life from a place of power?


You or a loved one (have) had cancer,

have finished treatments or are coming to the end of them..

and now.. what!?


During the whirlwinds of cancer and treatments there is only one goal for everyone involved: getting better, surviving.  And wherever you are in this journey.. A new chapter of life approaches or has already started.  How do you move on?  Where do you start?  The rollercoaster stops, and everyone around you seems to move on.


What often is being missed, is that this is EXACTLY the time where you need support, this is where the hard work of rebuilding YOU starts. Going back to your old ‘normal’ isn’t possible, while accepting and letting go is a vulnerable, raw and rocky process. 


Cancer transforms everyone involved in many ways, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  It is possible that you feel disconnected from life before cancer, but you don’t know where to go next.  There is no guide for this. 

There's times of anxiety, fear, depression, feeling lonely or lost.  A craving for clarity, peace, healing.  Stop the thoughts and shake off the bad feelings.


Maybe all of the above applies to you or only some of it.  We are all different, have our own journey and path.  But if you’ve come to this page.. You are done with feeling the way you’re feeling, want to MOVE ON and participate in life again, full of energy, love and light.  


And yes, this is very scary.  But life isn't working the way it is now either. 


It's time to move forward, one step at a time and I deeply honor you for being here.  I'm here to support you each step of the way, in whatever way is needed to get you from where you are now, to where you desire to be. 


Whether it's deep holistic coaching, physical movement, nutrition, practical support in work/finances or mindfullness.. We can focus on it all or on just one thing.  What matters is that we move your life forward, holistically and lovingly in the way that serves YOU best.

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I'm in


Going through cancer

This rollercoaster of treatments and navigating your journey towards healing can feel overwhelming and fearful, like you never get a break, but also lonely and isolating. Everyone around you is having their own process too and it's almost like every single conversation is about cancer.  But how about you? The human and soul that you are?


We will focus on whatever we need to focus on that day. It can be movement, releasing tension in the body. Talking about anything BUT cancer. Practical support in making decisions, coaching on how to release worry, endless thoughts. Mindfulness practices, but also how to stand for what you need, set boundaries. Because underneath it all.. you know best.  And that's what we will cultivate.

I've finished


I'm a

loved one

After treatments

Feelings of depression and anxiety might be present, overthinking and worrying.  Many people experience post-traumatic stress, having lost trust in yourself, your body and maybe even life.  This next chapter 'should' feel exciting, grateful, but chances are you feel lost and unsure who you are now and where to even start.


We will work on how to live with the insecurities of life, let go of fear, taking control over your life and creating a lifestyle that serves you best.  We will rebuild your confidence, heal emotionally, restore the relationship with your health & body and increase energy.  As well as looking at the future, designing the path for where you want to go next.

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16weeks to heal, restore, design & create life after cancer

Supporting/have lost a loved one

When your partner, parent or loved one goes through cancer, stirs up a lot of emotions. Your life continues as it was, including work and all other responsibilities and as much as you love them.. the care comes on top of that, as well as worry, fear, emotions, your own questions and realizations about life.

Having a coach while my dad went through cancer was what got me through so powerfully.  This makes me be able to support you in taking care of yourself, providing a safe space for you to have your own process.  Practical things like setting boundaries and priorities, but also how to navigate the insecurities of life and unexpected circumstances.  And if needed.. I'll help you move through grief and the darkest and hardest times in a powerful and supportive way.

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Why online coaching?
              And why with Lisanne?

  • In my work I bring together my expertise in training, nutrition and the mechanics of our body, mindfulness, ontological coaching (our way of being), spirituality and deep transformational work.  Living healthy is just as needed as healing your past and building your future.  Every area of your life compliments another and everything is connected.

  • Every human is different, no coaching journey is the same, we create as we go, flexible to adapt to any changes in your circumstances while keeping your goals in focus.

  • This is not another appointment to go to, we can work together from wherever you are, just as you are. From your bed or the couch.. all is ok! This makes it easier for 'off' days.

  • Online coaching is more affordable, yet gives double the value and support. You already have enough challenges; I am committed to making this as easy and accessible to you as possible.

  • I am coaching you from personal AND professional experience, which allows me to give you the best support possible and be fully committed to your journey. I have lost my father to cancer, have specialized in cancer care from both a training and coaching perspective and have years of experience in connecting body & mind.

Don't wait any longer my love.

Whether you feel like you're in the most difficult time OR you just want extra support in navigating this chapter..

You got this.

I got you.

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