Heal - Restore - Design - Create

YOUR life after cancer

A 16 week 1-1 holistic coaching journey

specifically designed for those who are post active treatments.

Because cancer isn’t over once treatments are over.


The whole journey transforms you in many ways, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


And it is very possible that you feel disconnected from your life before cancer,

but that you don’t know where to go next, there is no guide for this.

If you're feeling alone, vulnerable and unsupported through this time, you're not alone. A lot of survivors go through this and statistics show that a huge number of survivors ends up with feelings of anxiety and depression.

I saw it during my dad's time after treatments and have heard it countless times from others..

they wished they had more support during the time AFTER their treatments.

This is where the MyLife program, a holistic coaching journey come in, where we focus on

Healing, Restoring, Designing and Creating YOU and your life after cancer in a sacred, supported and loving way.


It is where we get to know, figure out and learn to embrace a new reality and this way of working 

has been shaped, refined and thoroughly tested, based on years of experience and expertise.

It contains all the support and tools that I wish my own father had during his cancer journey and is now guiding many others into an empowered life beyond cancer and it will do the same for you my love.

Are you ready to navigate

    this next chapter from your HEART

        into a life on YOUR terms?

What you get during 16 weeks:

🔹1,5hr deep dives 2x (first & last session)

🔹45min 1-1 coaching sessions 14x

🔹Continuous email support between sessions

🔹4 themed meditations

🔹Anxiety after cancer ebook

🔹FB support community Mind, Body & Beyond Cancer

🔹4 at home workout videos (30min)

    (different levels/workouts, tailored to cancer recovery)

This is for you if..

🔹You have finished (or are close to) cancer treatments

🔹Have no idea of how to answer the question ‘what’s next?’

🔹You are experiencing anxiety stepping back into life

🔹You want to live a different life than before, but don’t know how

🔹Feel lonely, not clicking with support groups,
    but everyone around you seems to be moving on

🔹Don’t feel connected, to your body, life, people and/or work

🔹Are ready to take charge of your life, emotionally, physically
    and spiritually in all areas.

"97% of people that receive cancer coaching report an significant increase in their confidence, motivation and overall quality of life." - Lylac

Structure of the program:

1st session – 1,5 hr deep dive

We look at where you are now in your physical and emotional health, work, relationships, energy and everything else that might be important for us to bring awareness to.  We’ll create a personalized roadmap for these 16 weeks, so that we can take you from where you are to where you want to be. And if you don’t know yet.. don’t worry, our goal together can simply be: figure out what it is you actually want in this next chapter of life.

Weekly 45min calls

During the 16 weeks we move organically through the below elements. The speed of which we work through them is completely depending on where you are, whether an element takes 3 or 6 weeks.. all is individualized.


Getting out of your head, stopping the endless racing thoughts, overwhelm and fear around your health and life.  We work on feeling, forgiving and accepting your body again, the emotional aftermath of going through treatments, past wounds that still keep you stuck, letting go of limiting beliefs.. we basically do a big clean up to create space for the new.


This is all focused on bringing back your energy, filling your tank emotionally, physically and spiritually.  It’s about building confidence, feeling stronger in yourself and in life to do the things you want.  Getting into action with small steps or big leaps, depending on what you’re ready for in a supported way.


What is it actually that you want from life? What makes your heart sing? Gets you excited and lights you up? Let’s find out and then do more of that. This is about daring to dream again, envision and visualize YOUR life. But also what standards you choose to now hold, remove what no longer works, set boundaries that serve you and feel great in doing so, whether it is your job, relationships, health or anything else.


This is where we go into execution. Because it’s one thing to dream and visualize.. it’s another to actually move through our fears and resistance, actually overcome them and take the actions needed. This is such a crucial part as it is about you daring to live fully, not lead by fear, but moving from your heart.

Final session - 1,5hr deep dive

We finish off with a final 1,5hr call where we have a deep dive into how far you’ve come, we finetune and set up the structure for you to move forward and CELEBRATE you being fully in life.  We make sure you feel supported in moving forward, but if I do my job right.. by this time you’ll feel confident, excited and ready to go, with a whole deeper level of knowing who you are and what you’re here for in this lifetime.

What others say about working with Lisanne..

I feel I am able to react in a more positive way and also allow myself to feel what I need to feel. I am able to really be me and fully accept my life experiences and what makes me who I am.I feel empowered knowing I am making the right choices for myself. 

 The most powerful and enriching thing I have looked at, are my relationships with family and friends and those feel so much more bountiful and honest. I am able to be more true to my beliefs, feelings and core self as there is less guilt, pressure and doubt hindering me. 

 Lisanne is a breathe of fresh air with a beautiful vibe and I would absolutely recommend working with her.  It surprised me how easy it was to talk with her as a coach and she effortlessly asked me the right questions. It was wonderful not to feel judged, she was simply guiding me to my own realizations. 

- Raksha Rathod, client -

"Lisanne her mix of knowledge, presence and action taking is a powerful support system.

She’s incredibly caring and always challenging herself out of her commitment to grow and support others powerfully each day.

To me Lisanne is not only an inspirer but also someone I turn to when I need clarity and solutions to move forward, her influence will undoubtedly support you in upgrading your life."

- Caterina Ricci, transformational coach -

'Lisanne is a hugely motivating and caring coach with deep knowledge about the body, mind and life in general.

She steered me to levels of activity I never thought I would be capable of while remaining mindful of my injuries.

Her upbeat and joyful style of teaching

has truly brightened my life'

- Nilmini Francis, client -

I felt like life was getting very heavy, I felt like I could not really put into words how I was feeling and why, I felt alone. Since working with Lisanne I feel like I have more power over how I want to feel and where I want to put my focus on. I am free to speak about anything without being judged or feel shame, which is very freeing.


Lisanne her capability to meet me exactly where I am at is amazing. Her patience makes me rise above my downs in a loving and caring way. Her compassion is incredible, I feel seen and heard. I would highly recommend working with her!

- Marjan van Oosterhout, client -

Don't wait any longer my love..

Whether you feel like you're in the most difficult time or you just want extra support in navigating this chapter..

You got this.

I got you.

Only 8 spots available to make sure I give you my absolute love, care and pressence.

Full is full and only taking applications in November.