Behind the scenes..

In the summer I shot a short dance video with Dan Zack and I am so excited to share some behind the scenes photos with you!

We filmed at sunrise on top of a hill in West London. We got up at 3.45 in the morning and armed with my baggy pants, coffee and a banana we went off to shoot the video. Even though it was summer, early mornings in London can be really chilly, but dancing made me forget about that real quick. I had a great time dancing around the hill as you might have seen in the video already. It was all freestyle and to dance on this location felt so free and light! I had the best time.

All photos are taken by Dan Zack, enjoy!

Because you can't 'redo' a sunrise, we had three cameras and had to work real quick. The guys were amazing. If you haven't seen the result yet, head over to the 'Dancer & Model' tab to see the video!!

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