Class Schedule 2017

Hi all!

Here is an update of all my weekly classes that I teach at Frame Studios in London. You can book in for classes online or drop in any time. If you have any questions, just drop me a message! Look forward to seeing you in class:

Tuesday: Queens Park

6.45am Reformer Pilates

9.30am Basic Reformer Pilates

10.30am Postnatal Reformer Pilates

12.00pm Reformer Pilates

1.30pm Mumhood Postnatal Pilates

Wednesday: Kings Cross

6.45am Ass&Abs

7.15am Total Body


4.15pm Reformer Pilates

5.30pm Dynamic Reformer Pilates

6.30pm Basic Reformer Pilates

7.30pm Reformer Pilates

8.30pm Reformer Pilates

Thursday: Shoreditch

5.30pm Mumhood Prenatal Fitness

6.15pm Frame Barre

7.30pm Boxfit

Friday: Kings Cross

6.45am Frame Body

7.45am Ass&Abs

9.30am Frame Barre

12.15pm Dance Cardio

1.00pm Mini Barre (30min)

Sunday: Shoreditch

11.45am Frame Barre

12.45pm 80s Aerobics

1.45pm Ballet (75min)

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