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Every since I was young I've loved reading. It would help me go to sleep and be my little escape or relax time away from the world. Diving into the pages, stories, beautiful words and sentences can be so delicious when you've got a great book in your hands.

I believe that as we grow and develop, also our reading changes. I always preferred reading actual books, calling myself a little 'old fashioned'. But then a filled up London life kicked in and I wasn't reading as much as before. So over the past year I fell in love with audiobooks. There is something about the author reading their work to you, bringing the sentences and phrases to life with their voice the way they intended for you to read their magic.

Also what I read has changed. I used to absolutely love my novels. I could endlessly read anything from Carlos Ruiz-Zafan, Paulo Coelho, or many others. Now I have gotten more and more obsessed with self development, the human experience, psychology and relationships and spirituality. I've always been an intrigued learner, but recently the eagerness to grow has taken things to a whole new level. I'm reading multiple books at the same time which I never used to do before! But now I love reading whichever one I feel like diving into and that means there's currently 3 books playing on my audible and 3 by my bedside.

I will be sharing the magic I keep discovering with you guys as there is so much out there and sometimes it's hard to choose which book to pick next. Hopefully I can spark your interest in reading any of the ones that have been influencing me and please share me any of your own must reads too!

The ones currently by my bedside are:

now or never conversations with god intimacy books

Now or never - Alexi Panos & Preston Smiles

This might have been the biggest game changer for me. It's such a compact, practical guide to living an epic life and has so many steps in it which I keep going back to. It's not the kind of book that you just read and put away. It stays with you and is so easy and helpful to adapt to daily life. Preston and Alexi encourage you to embrace the badass unicorn that you are and have a blast living this messy thing we call life. What really changed things for me was taking radical responsibility for my life, bringing awareness to ALL aspects of your life and how to shift things and take action. It's really well phrased, an easy read and down to earth. Must. Read!

Intimacy - Osho

So many of us are afraid of real intimacy. Showing our true self, showing up exactly as uniquely as we are. We hide behind masks, follow what society and the people around us tell us is 'right' or act as we think we are 'supposed to' act. Osho does an amazing job at shining a light on the fears around intimacy, where they come from and how to gently move away from them. Imperfection is the way to connection and in todays world people are desperate for more, honest connection. How to compassionately step out of our fears and into love, how to embrace ourselves and others and show up in the world as our true self. This book is pure magic.

Conversations with God - Neale Donald Walsh

I'm not religious, but I do believe is what I've always said. And it's still true. This book is not so much about any type of religion, more about all the questions we have about life and really answering them in such a profound and clear way. A beautiful book helping us understand the universe, God, Spirit or whatever name It has for you. It definitely brought more understanding for me and deepened my spirituality.

I will be sharing some of my favorite novels soon!

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