A story of magic

My heart moves universe magic

I believe in miracles. Divine intervention. Being in alignment, you attract what you believe, all of it. Let me give you one of the many stories beyond my understanding that have happened during my weeks in LA..

With a few hours to killl I was walking down Abbott Kinney Blvd when I bumped into my new friend Tyler Nix. He just finished his first day of work there, never walked down the street before. What are the chances right? He too had a few hours to kill so we said 'Great, lets hang out together!'. He turned out to be a photographer. One of my things for that day was to sort out a photoshoot. He showed me his pictures, I loved them, he took his camera out of his bag and said: 'You said you want to shoot, how about now?'

'No time like the present', I say. Then a small fearful voice in my head says: 'You have no makeup sorted, no outfit planned, your body doesn't feel 'ready..' But then I remember: I want to let all of that go, be ok with who I am, no matter what anyone else thinks or says. I want to be authentic, reveal my true self and be ok with all of it, be perfectly imperfect.

So I ran home (which was around the corner), grabbed an outfit and a few items that mean a lot to me and to the beach we went.

My heart moves universe magic

Magic happened.



Being, no thinking.

And it was one of my favorite shoots ever.

I don't believe in 'coincidence', what I do believe in would mean I have a few more pages to write. But I’m not going into that now. Right now I'm thanking @jtylernix for capturing this part of my journey to freedom on a very special day.

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