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There are so many places to workout in LA, that it's hard to choose where to go as there are so many amazing classes and crazy cool things to do.

I've had such a great time training with inspiring trainers at gym spaces that literally felt like playgrounds (Sanctuary Fitness), were filling up my soul (SoulCycle and Wanderlust) or an hour that flies by before you know it and leaves you wanting for more (Nicole Winhoffer).

Check below my fave spots for when you're in LA, pilates, boxing or anything else.. there's a workout for anyone and everyone!

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Speedplay - Go to the one in Beverly Hills, the rooftop gives you the best view to motivate your rowing, running and weight sections.

Sanctuary Fitness - They just opened downtown and have all the equipment you can imagine. HIIT classes, cycle classes and the team is amazing.

Rise nation - Versaclimber class, 30min is all you need, killer!

Soul cycle - the hype says enough.. SUCH an experience.

LIT method - rowing and low impact resistance training done well, perfect if you don't want to jump around but do want to work your booty off.

Prevail boxing - best boxing class I've done in LA, great instructors too.

Set & Flow - they mix and match everything, I did a mix of yoga and kettle bells.. interesting!


Wundabar - I went to Studio City, amazing reformer class. Their beds are so well designed.

Studio MDR - Killer Lagree workout!

Club Pilates - I had more of a traditional reformer class, definitely a feel good one.


Ceremony meditation - The loveliest place in Venice, meditation all day every day.

Y7 - hiphop, yoga, hot rooms and flow flow flow. So good!

Wanderlust - The energy, the yoga classes and teachers are all-round amazing.


Wildfire Initiative - Every Sunday they walk and talk. Breathing work, inspiring conversations, meeting new and old friends and walking up the Runyon Canyon at the same time. Talk about filling up your soul, no bullshit.

Nicole Windoffer - dance cardio meets toning, meets the amazing soul that Nicole is. Her energy is so infectious!

Fieldday - events by 'A Couple of Trainers', where you workout and PLAY! Meeting friends while feeling like a kid again and as a bonus break a sweat.. Best combo ever.

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