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Self care and self love tips

I often talk about taking care of yourself, showing yourself some love. And so often I hear people say they would like to do all the journaling, meditating and taking care of yourself, but find it hard to commit and it feels like they need to throw their whole life upside down in order to do the things they 'should' and to do them 'right'.

Well let me start by saying there really isn't anything in life that you 'have' to do and there is no 'right' way to do it either. Isn't that a relief?! It's about what feels right for YOU. What YOU really need, deep down inside. That's what self care is about for me, enquiring within and then acting upon that with love.

But still, life can get busy and overwhelming at times and we don't always have a whole evening off while we do need some loving and caring for ourselves. And you know what, it's actually the little things that count. They are the ones that sum up to make big differences.

So many people don't even think of taking 5-10 minutes out of their day to make sacred for themselves, while it really can give you an amazing recharge and shift in energy. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you build loving rituals in to your day. I challenge you to commit 5-10 minutes per day over the next week and tell me how you feel! I would love to hear from you.

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  • Morning gratitude. While you're in the shower anyway, take an extra minute to list 5 things that you are grateful for. I started doing this on a low point in my life and some mornings it really was, and still is, as simple as the sun coming through my window. It sets your day up with such amazing energy!

  • Legs up. One of my favorite things to do when I need a quick recharge is putting my legs up. 5 minutes is all you need. I like to just close my eyes and breathe with it, say some affirmations or just dream. It does magic for your energy levels.

  • Meditation. There is an amazing free app called 'Insight Timer' which has 1000s of meditations on there, all different lengths and put into playlists. Look for anything that suits you, whether it's a 5 minute minibreak or an hour full on chakra healing. There are guided meditations, visualizations, set a timer for your own practice or just use sound.. there's so much to choose from that there hardly is an excuse not to!

  • 10 minutes of breathing. Set the insight timer for 10 minutes, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. When you drift of, don't get mad at yourself, the whole point is catching that and then redirecting the focus. Focus on a sensation of the breath, whether it's the air going in and out of your nose or your belly expanding. It really helps to calm your nervous system and you can do it anywhere, any time.

  • Evening journaling. In the evening before you go to sleep, try some journaling to process your day and see what's going on inside you. There's no rules here, let your pen flow with whatever comes up. Take a few deep breaths before you start and if you don't know where to start just start writing a question you're struggling with. Your intuition will guide you if you allow it and beautiful insights can come out.

  • Mindful eating. Try to have one or more meals a day sitting down, without any technology around you and eat mindfully. Take a moment to be thankful for your food before you start and be present. The pause this will create in your day is such a powerful way to recharge and you will also process your food much better.

  • Plan your 'white space'. If you're like me, then any gap in your diary can get filled up with things to do or places to go to. But it's important to plan some white space in your week. Like doctors appointments, but with yourself. Time to just be and do whatever you want to do. Whether it's taking a nap, watching tv, taking a walk or call a friend.. You only get to decide at that specific time what you feel like doing at that moment. No pre-planning!

  • Go outside. Get some fresh air, even if it's for a few minutes. Even if it's cold or raining. Fresh air does magic.

  • Phone on airplane mode. Digital detoxing is a real thing. And such a nice one! Try to switch your phone off already an hour before bed time, or at least a few hours per week. It's so refreshing and allows you to connect more with what's really going on inside and around you.

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