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Two months ago, on the 30th March 2017, I posted a blog about finding my purpose, in honour of my dad passing a year ago that day. Today I want to tell you how my purpose has turned into a vision, a mission and now is becoming reality. Life is taking magical turns and I can’t wait to bring you on this exciting journey with me!

I’ve always said I wanted to combine training, coaching and community in a holistic, empowering way. When my dad went through cancer it became clear to me that I needed to do this for cancer patients. But it wasn’t until I was in a HIIT/meditation class that it hit me to my core. We were sitting in meditation and in front of me was a woman that, as it looked to me, clearly was going through chemo. The strength, the life energy and grace that she showed were so powerful and I thought: how incredible would it be if I could help people on this part of their journey. Supporting them to turn their pain into their power, working with cancer and not against it. To really dive deep and help them heal their life, to support and cheer them on whilst figuring out how to live in their ‘new normal’. To empower them to live this next chapter of their life vibrantly, the way they want to live it. For weeks I couldn’t speak about this realisation without bursting into tears, it was so close to my heart.

I already created my company name MyHeartMoves, wanting to bring all that I did under that name whether it was training people, dancing, modelling or inspiring. At a point in my life where I was completely stuck and really didn’t know what to do, I realised I could only trust in and follow one thing: my heart. My heart was what was moving me; my heart knew my Truth, what was right for me to do at any moment. And since then I’ve been building the trust in my body, my intuition and my soul. Life has transformed ever since.

My experience with seeing my dad go through cancer and everything that comes with it, mainly how there was hardly any aftercare for him after all the treatments made me realise how big the need for support is. During treatments you’re in a rollercoaster with only one goal: to survive. But then you survive. And the real work starts there. Often a changed body, having faced mortality, losing faith in your body, wanting to pick up things but not knowing how, maybe wanting a complete different life as you’ve become a different person in the process. Anxiety and depression are huge challenges, as well as not trusting or being connected to your body anymore. More and more people go through cancer while they are in the midst of their lives and it turns your world upside down in every single aspect that you can think of.

Luckily we have more and more people surviving cancer, but there is still very little support for building up a life afterwards. This is where I believe I can serve the best, helping people thrive again. In a loving and supportive way, I want to support and heal through movement. Connecting back to your heart, body and soul. Embracing the wisdom that lives there and see what it has to tell you. How do you really want to live your life and how can we create that into reality? What do you want your ‘new normal’ to be? Besides personal training where I mix a range of training methods to fit the individual, wherever their physical levels are at, coaching will be a big part of my work. Integrating it all in a holistic way, because everything influences and connects to everything.

Part of MyHeartMoves will be 1-1 personal training, which always includes coaching sessions. Besides that, we will build a community where life is celebrated, but we can also dive deep and are not hiding from any pain. I want MyHeartMoves to be a safe space, loving and warm, lively and authentic, inclusive for everyone and no topic left undiscussed. Expect monthly Thrive Days and yearly retreats, as well as an active online community. In our Facebook group I will share weekly exercise videos, do weekly lives to support and connect, share other inspiring content and everyone can support and cheer each other on in their journey.

I’m very excited to bring MyHeartMoves into the world and change the conversation around

cancer, especially for cancer survivors. Living life to the fullest, whatever that may mean for you. So please spread the word, join the tribe and follow the journey! It’s all coming to life soon and I’m so thankful for everyone rooting for the unfolding of this, I want you to see this all grow as it happens. Because the way I am creating my dreams into reality is the way I will help you do the same. Leading by example, inspiring through transparency and authenticity. I can’t wait.

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