The beauty of less

After watching the documentary ‘Minimalism’ this week, I had to share my thoughts with you. For some time now I’ve been intrigued by owing less. Not in the way of having as little items as possible, I love having meaningful and pretty things around me. But I am more fascinated by only owning what you really need, which will be different for everyone. I’ve been having a critical look at what I surround myself with and have been asking questions like: do I really need this, does this bring me joy, is this serving me, have I used it in the past 6 months?

You realise that you use far less then you think, besides your ‘favourite’ things. How often don’t we wash the same clothes to wear them again straight away? And over time we accumulate a whole bunch of other items that are ‘handy’, but which we never end up actually using.

I’ve always been a big fan of ‘quality over quantity’, anyone that comes to my classes knows that I go on and on about it. In terms of for example clothing, I just don’t see the point of having 15 jumpers and only really wearing 3. It clutters your space, blocks the flow of energy and it really is a waste if things are just hanging there for years and are not being used! I then think: they would be better off with someone else who actually wears them.

When I came to London I only had about 3 suitcases that I took with me and I left some of my dearest items in 4 boxes with family. It felt so freeing. Over the past few years I have accumulated quite a bit of things again and now that I’m moving I have a huge urge to clear out and only take with me what I really need. It’s a fascinating journey of looking for fulfilment, joy, abundance and happiness inside myself. Looking for what’s already present in the now, rather then in things, being busy, food, approval or anything else.

It comes as no surprise with all the self-development work that I’m doing. I have been craving more ‘space’ for a long time, to allow more light, breath and flow into my life. There has been a lot of letting go in every possible way, and the material is only a natural by product of that. When you start realising that all you need is right here, always, you don’t need to look for it elsewhere anymore.

Besides not wanting to take any unnecessary baggage with me, it also has to do with becoming more aware of the consequences of our consumerism on the planet. Anything we buy has a consequence, where we put our money is such an important thing to think about. Do you put your money in big corporations that are destroying our world or are you supporting a local independent shop that strives to have a positive impact? We complain about those big corporations, but any change will start with us stopping to spend our money there.

Spending responsibly and only owning what you need, for example only living in a house that is the size of what you need, is also a step towards personal and financial freedom. The lower your expenses, the more you can do with the money you have left or the less you have to earn. It gives you more time, less stress and more space to live your life the way you want to live it.

There is nothing wrong with wanting or

owning pretty things, but we live in a world where it’s always about having more, which in the end will never be satisfying. The trick to true happiness and abundance might actually be: having less, now what a relief is that?!

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