Make it sacred

Life can be messy, you can feel out of control and find yourself in situations where the rug seems to have been pulled from underneath you. One thing that helps me in those times, or even on ordinary days where things don’t go as planned, is to remind myself to make it sacred.

I came across a meditation from Sarah Blondin on Insight Timer called ‘Make it sacred’; a part of her Live Awake series and it has been one of my go-to’s for months.

(It’s only 12 minutes, have a listen here!)

This morning I listened to it again and I just had to write and share this in a blog with you as it is SO powerful.

In life, nothing really is for certain; everything is always changing. But the thing we can always control and are in charge of, is how we do and see things. Our experience changes, based on what we choose to tune into. Making things sacred, to me, means to bless each moment with intention and attention.

Often we forget about the beauty of rituals and ceremony. It’s something people used to do back in the day and can feel ancient to some. But when you do something with love, dedication and focus, what we experience changes. As does how it affects ourselves and the world around us. We can make anything sacred. It can be as simple as taking a shower, making your breakfast, saying ‘how are you’ to a loved one, writing an email, going on a date or taking a train. Ordinary things turn into beauty when we pay attention to their magic.

On great days this might be easier then when you feel stuck, when there is no joy or love to be found. But that too we can make sacred. While facing challenges in life, there so often is a blessing hidden behind the worry, fear and any other emotions. Looking for the blessing might sound cliché, but I’m not saying just to override it all with happy thoughts and you will be done.

Instead, ask yourself: is fighting getting me anywhere? Most likely the answer is no. So instead of resisting, make it sacred. Say thanks for it being present, because as painful as it might feel.. it is here to teach you something. Then listen, allow and feel. Honour your feelings by letting them flow through. Take a bath, cuddle up in bed, light a candle, perform a ritual or ceremony, talk to a friend, journal.. Say it, release it and then let go.

And your body.. that amazing vessel that is yours, that holds you unconditionally.. make your body sacred. Soften into it, ask for it’s guidance and it will always tell you what it needs. Making your body sacred looks different to everyone. But think about it. Let’s say you hold a stone that has no meaning to you, how do you treat it? Now if someone holds that same stone, but it is sacred to them and has a special meaning.. How would they treat it? It is the same stone, but the experience, love and energy is different. So how do you treat the things or people that are sacred to you? And how could you treat your body as sacred?

‘And the gifts.. Especially the gifts. Make sacred’ I absolutely love this sentence! Being thankful is such a powerful and beautiful emotion. Gratitude literally elevates your experience, daily doings and journey. The more I make sacred, the more I am in awe of my life unfolding. Yes, we know nothing for certain; life can be messy, uncomfortable and challenging. But ‘at least I will be moulding my life with my sacred hands’. I am in charge of my experience and choose to make my life sacred. And don’t worry, I forget about it all the time too, I am far from perfect in practicing this myself. But that’s why it’s a practice, I keep going back to listening to this meditations any time I am feeling off. Each time I am amazed by the effect that doing and being with intention can have.

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