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Some days the gym really seems too far away. We all know those moments when rain is a very good excuse, as is not wanting to get out of your pjs! But there really isn't much of an excuse not to move your body. We are made to move. And our bodies are very good at telling us that. Moving your body creates happy hormones, you always feel better afterwards. Your whole system gets a boost, it increases your blood flow, you don't feel so stiff anymore, your energy systems function better and basically your whole body will give you a 'YES, thank you for doing that!'. Where as if we don't move, we feel sluggish, after about 30 minutes of sitting still our metabolism slows down and the less we are active our whole system gets less efficient. It's incredible to see how our body systems are build to show us what it serves and what not. So to help you move on days where you rather stay inside, here are some tips to make your 'at home workout' a celebration of the fantastic body you have!

Be prepared

Have a towel ready, a bottle of water and wear your fave gym kit. This will help you to not take any breaks that might lead to not completing your workout. Make sure you have enough space to do what you want to do, so go on and move furniture out of the way. This might feel like a workout on itself! If that's not possible, incorporate whatever is in the way. Sofa's and tables can be super fun to play with, as long as you watch for your safety.

Limit distractions

Put your phone (on silence) and laptop somewhere that you can't see them and do your workout in a room where you won't be disturbed. Or have the whole family join you! You want working out to be fun, not feel like a punishment, but also not get distracted when you're half way through.

Put on your favorite tunes

Because why not? Simple as that. Get yourself in the mood and boogie your way through.


You don't need any equipment to do an effective workout, your bodyweight can definitely be enough. If you do want to invest in equipment, then go for: a mat, resistance band and 2 dumbbells of a weight of your choice. Ankle weights or a pilates ball will score bonus points. But honestly.. YOU are all you need.


If you have no clue what to do, you can always put on a workout video. There are plenty of workouts for whatever you fancy on YouTube. Make sure to adapt to any injuries and if you don't know how, ask your doctor, physical therapist or a trainer for advice. The main thing with following these videos is to stay in tune with your body and not mindlessly follow the video. Take a break if you need one and modify to your physical abilities, this also means up the level if it's too easy! If you have more experience, then why not let your body lead the way and before you start check in with what kind of training it needs today? You will be amazed by how much wisdom your body holds. Feel if it's HIIT, pilates, toning, stretching, yoga, shadow boxing or anything else. Then check what body parts feel tight or weak and focus on lengthening and strengthening those.


Set a timer on your phone with a celebratory alarm to let you know you're done (but do keep your phone out of sight!). This allows you to really get in your zone and will also hold you accountable for the time you set your workout out to be.

Remember that whatever you do, it needs to be about serving your body and having fun. Give yourself a massive cheers for getting active and stay mindful of any injuries. Don't overdo it, but make sure you challenge yourself. Real progress starts when we get out of our comfort zone and it might feel foreign, but that's exactly where things get interesting. Play, get curious, have fun! Whether it's gentle yoga or a kickass HIIT session, it's all good. Honor yourself for putting in the time and as I said in my last blog: make it sacred.

#MovingMonday workout videos for anyone going through and after cancer are coming your way very soon. Stay tuned and join the MyHeartMoves Facebook group where they will be release!

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