Morning rituals

How you set up your day is one of the most important things as to how you will experience it. I know that if I'm stalling and procrastinating in the morning, this affects the rest of my day to me feeling rushed or feeling like I can't get anything done. If I'm cranky in the morning, don't listen to my inner turbulence and just start running around, then I will end up feeling exhausted, sad and possibly even more angry. But if I start the day listening, tuning in, loving myself and giving myself some space.. everything unfolds better and any curve ball that comes my way I handle much, much better. So I commit some time each morning to setting my day up to win. Tuning myself into the right frequency, like a radio on which you find the right station.

That doesn't mean it's always the same, quite the opposite actually. I have created a toolbox and certain things are non negotiable, others I allow to flow. Because everything is always changing, and no morning is ever the same. You could say I've got clear lines and I colour them in each day to what is needed. Especially on a journey through cancer, it is important for you to take charge of your life in every way you can, to take control of how you show up to your world. First thing in the morning you have the choice and opportunity as to what frequency you move into your day. And choosing to honor your body and what's on your heart is healing in itself on so many levels. Here are my lines and suggestions on how to colour them.

First thing I do when I wake up, even before opening my eyes is a quick check of the thoughts running through my head, any emotions that are there and whether those are serving me. It's a great way to find out what's running your subconscious and to where you might want to pay attention. Then I state (preferably out loud) what I am committed to and what I am thankful for. Sometimes the list doesn't stop and it just pours, some days it's harder. Try to list at least 3 of each.

Then I get up and make my bed. It's a simple thing, but it makes you accomplish something right at the start of your day. There is even research about how it gives you a small sense of pride, happiness and you are more likely to accomplish other things throughout your day.

Afterwards it's time for my morning tonic. It's a shot of apple cider vinegar with turmeric and cayenne pepper to help detoxification and kickstart my system. It's followed by a big glass of warm water with lemon which I take to my meditation spot. Ideally this is on the balcony, to soak up fresh morning air.

And from there I tune in to: what do I need? What would be serving me, what is asking my attention? There is always meditation, which can be anything between 10 and 20 minutes, silent or guided using Insight Timer. It's all about listening to what is coming up, allowing what needs to be felt and give it space, tune into love, but stay observant. It's like watching a river float by which can be stormy and intense or calm and gentle on a sunny day. I take around 10 - 30 minutes, that can be filled with anything as long as it's filling up my tank. Here is a few things that I might do in that time:

  • Read a book that fills my soul

  • Stretch and move my body

  • Visualize my perfect day or what I'm manifesting

  • Dance

  • Just sit, watch and listen to what is around me

  • State 10 'I am' affirmations that are empowering

  • Tune in to what Spirit/God/Allah/whatever-name-you-believe-in has to say, practice surrendering and allowing.

  • Dive into emotions that are coming up, why are they here and where do they come from? How can I heal and release a little bit of that?

And there are so many other things you could do, but the main thing is taking a moment to listen. Moving from your heart, getting into being for a bit instead of doing. Because the more you get grounded in yourself at the beginning of your day, the better you will be able to stay grounded in any situation that might show up during the rest of your day. Whether that is your own emotions like for example fear, the behavior of others or tough situations like scan results, treatments or getting back to work. You will be able to respond rather than react and this serves not only you, but everyone you come in contact with. And remember: no one is perfect, this is not about adding more to your plate of things you 'have to do'. I don't always take a whole 45 minutes in the beginning of my day either. Some days I don't get further than my lemon water, jump in the shower and quickly say some gratitude in there. But it's about having the tools and committing time to yourself each morning, whether that's 2 minutes or an hour. Because you my love are the most important, everything else will flow from there, but it starts with you filling up your gorgeous cup.

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