It's time to go within

You can’t keep on doing the same thing and expect different results. Makes perfect sense right? Then why don’t we act on this more? Why do we for example keep on eating the way we’re eating and expecting to lose weight? Or how can we expect to heal from disease if we don’t actually change how we live our life? And to make it more abstract: as our thoughts create our words, which create our actions, which shape our life.. Ultimately: why are we not changing what we think and believe about the world so that we can ACTUALLY change our life?

Easier said than done, I know. But it is the direction I want to go in. Because I highly believe in going to the root of problems, I am a big fan of solving the cause and not just fighting symptoms. I just hate wasting energy and love being effective and efficient. Not always the popular route to go down, as this means I’m going to ask you to dive deep into your emotions and all the painful shizz that we all don’t like facing.. but so be it.

Because the funny thing with this is, that we often don’t really understand what is running the show in our life. And we can’t change what we can’t see. Let’s face it, you have about 60000 thoughts per day, do you really know what they all are? Have you really spend some solid time observing them and whether they are of good use for your life? Because.. as our thoughts ultimately create our reality, we gotta be careful what we think.

First of all don’t believe everything you think. If you think aliens are going to land on earth and will explode the world, you don’t believe that straight away either right? Then why do we so deeply believe we are unworthy, not good enough, too this or that? It’s pretty funny when you think about it (pun intended) and it’s time to lighten up our thought patterns. It’s hilarious sometimes what our brain can come up with, things that often don’t have a solid grounding at all. Now, just simply stop believing the limiting beliefs and thoughts is not going to happen. The neuropath ways and years and years of conditioning are way deeper than this. But it will help if as soon as you catch one of those thoughts, you put a smile on your face and simply shake your head for that silly meaning making machine that your brain is. Love it, smile, do a little dance to celebrate you caught it and move on!

Secondly, spend more time observing and less time scrolling. There, I said it. We spend so much time taking information into our brain, while the world would be in a much better place if we would actually DO something about it all. So let’s spend more time healing our inner world, observing our thoughts, getting clear about the narratives running our lives and how we can choose thoughts and patterns that will be more effective. There’s many ways to do this from journaling, to silent meditation or even having a dance off or sitting down somewhere observing the world around you.

Recently I’ve been spending less time doing, being ‘busy’ and working. I’ve spend less time online. Less time trying to please everyone around me and pay more attention to ME. To what is actually running the show, what do I actually want, need and most of all: is my way of being and thinking serving me to live my best possible life? As my life wasn’t in the place I wanted it to be, nor were my health and body, it was time for a massive reset. An upgrade of the systems by which I had lived my entire life. I can tell you, it wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t fun. More so dark, miserable, painful and filled with lots of tears, frustration, disbelief and anger. I even got ill. Let me tell you, I’m not here to pretend that working on yourself and designing your best life is going to be all unicorns and fairy tales. It gets ugly from time to time. AND... it is SO worth it!!

Because through it all, I now know myself better than ever before. I feel more empowered, more grounded, loved, connected, trusting and in charge than ever before. I’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg here and already I am standing stronger in myself than I could ever imagine. Things are happening for me, I can see the endless possibilities of life and through it all.. I’m less and less attached to the outcome. More so in love with the process and freaking in LOVE with life more each day.

Through this all, I also see more and more how many people are hurting in the world today. How many people are living their lives from a state of fear. Disconnected from their body, heart, truth and emotions. How much this work is needed and how it is my life mission to contribute to peoples healing and empowerment. To shake things up and get people to go within. Because it is time to put the victim consciousness aside, to stop focusing on the symptoms and get to the root cause and solve (some of the) problems. As Donald Walsh says in Conversations with God: ‘If you don’t go within, you go without’. And this rings true for me more than ever. If anything, let me encourage you today to spend 10 minutes each day over the next week in silence. Observing. Getting to know yourself a bit better again. Because you deserve your own attention and love. You deserve your healing, so that you can move forward and live your very best life in the happiest and healthiest way possible.

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