How to train wisely part I

Don’t just do shit because you see others do it

or someone tells you it’s ‘good’ or ‘right’ for you.

About 2 weeks ago I had a rant on my Instagram stories and Facebook about our responsibility as trainers to take care of peoples bodies, to know our stuff and to always strive for the best training for each individual. However, as much as we are responsible as trainers.. YOU are responsible for your own body. For who you choose and allow to be your trainers and what training you do. So let’s dive into this..

There are so many opinions out there and so often we listen to those and don’t actually listen to what’s on our heart, what our gut and our body are telling us. A lot of people don’t even know what those are saying anymore, because we haven’t been taught that the true wisdom of knowing what’s the right thing to do at any given moment is inside you and not outside of you.

I keep advocating for you to listen to yourself, to turn inwards, to get to know yourself deeply and then choose and follow your own path. But today I want to specifically talk about this regarding to training and taking classes. Because I keep coming across more and more people with injuries. More and more people who, even though they have been doing a form of training for years, have no clue what they are actually doing.

This is not to say they have bad trainers or go to bad classes. Nor are they bad people. Before we go any further, let me make clear that I don’t know everything either. I keep discovering new things every day and am far from perfect. And so are you, so are your trainers and that’s ok. We don’t know what we don’t know and we all do the very best we can, from the best intentions, what we know and the resources we have available.

That being said, I do invite you to be critical. To always and always question everything, to not just assume things because someone says so and to keep thinking for yourself. I’m here

to invite you to think, to become aware so that you can be intentional. So that you will live as healthy, fit and strong for as long as possible with the most fulfilment, love and joy as possible.

With more and more people going to classes and getting into training and everyone being able to call themselves a trainer it’s key to make sure your workouts are safe and beneficial for you. Not every yoga class is the same, not every body is the same. Not every crossfit box offers quality and expert trainers, not every day your will need the same workout.

Tomorrow (Thursday 16th November) I will be LIVE on Facebook with Sophie Trew talking about exercise, mindful movement and how it can help to prevent cancer. We will also dive into this topic, so come and join us! This is also a chance to ask me ANY questions you have around training and moving your body. I will be sharing the LIVE on my Facebook as soon as we hop on, here is the link. Make sure to add me if we're not friends yet to be notified :)

Part II of this blog will go online Friday 17th November, with specific tips and tricks on how to take charge of your training and what to look out for in great classes and trainers. You don’t have to know every single thing about the human body or movement to be able to choose wisely, that’s our job as your trainer. In part II I will share simple tools that you can use, even without much about exercise.

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