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With the rain pouring nonstop outside and it getting colder and colder, it felt like the perfect time to brighten things up with some of my favorites. Random things in random order, but they all fill and light me up. I choose these things in my surroundings, these places to go to, these things to watch and listen to, because they higher my vibe. And the higher my vibe, the more I can give to my tribe. Filling up your cup, taking care of YOU will massively boost how you feel and experience life. So let's forget about the rain and dive in!

- Energy vibes -

Palo Santo - I burn Palo Santo at least once a day to clear my energy, get into my creative zone or around meditations. It is a piece of wood that comes from a mystical tree that grows on the coast of South America and is related to Frankincense, Myrrh and Copal. In Spanish, the name literally means “Holy Wood”. The Incas already used it and it's known for it's energy cleansing benefits. I always straight away feel the grounding and calming effect and that you can just carry it with you wherever you go makes it even more of a favorite!

Crystals - I just love my crystals. Not only because they look pretty, but there is a magic around them that is hard to believe until you experience it. My favorite thing is to walk into a astrological shop with a quest of what I'm looking for and then to tune in to what stone is calling me. Without looking at the meaning of anything, the one that I'm most drawn to always turns out to be EXACTLY what I need. So all my crystals have a story around them, a meaning and I carry them with me, hold them in meditation and have rituals to cleanse and charge them.

Insight timer - This app has 7156 free meditations and counting. They are all categorized in different lengths, topics, music or no music, male or female voice, different languages and so on.. It's just your dream library of meditations where you can choose to be guided, just simply set a timer, listen to podcasts or poetry and just fill up your soul with whatever you need at that time. I've been using it daily for over a year now and wouldn't want to miss it!

- Books -

The mastery of love - This book will open your heart, flip your perspective on love and change the way you approach any relationship whether it’s an intimate one or otherwise. It’s not a long one and definitely worth a second or third read, even if just for the golden stories.

The universe has your back – Gabby Bernstein teaches you how to trust the universe, move away from fear and choose love. It taught me how to surrender and then surrender some more, get deeper in touch with the power of manifestation and she is just SO good at what she does.

Year of Yes – Shonda Rhimes has created Scandal, Greys Anatomy and How To Get Away With Murder. Need I say more? Her book has humor, depth, invites you to think and moves you to say YES more in life. My suggestion: listen to the audible, she will take you on a magical ride.

- Cooking -

Green kitchen stories – One look at their instagram and blog and I’m in heaven. And when I’m creating their recipes.. life get’s even better. On a day off you can easily find me in the kitchen all day, there is just something about creating pretty and tasty things with what nature gives us. And Green Kitchen Stories gives you the recipes, design, story writing, photos and videos like no other. All your senses will love you for trying their recipes. The one here is my fave!

- Coffeeshops -

NOC NOC in Rotterdam – I’m even sitting here as I’m writing this. They change their espressos all the time and keep hitting you with magnificent flavours. Today my soy cappuccino was with hints of toffee, dark chocolate and herbs, the other day with tropical fruits and lemon acidity. Their music is on point and the work vibes are just the best in town. As is their coffee, just to make that clear one more time..

Half cup in London – The most friendly and warm people, a very exciting menu of drinks and food (hello charcoal latte) and the whole energy just always inspires me to be creative, work hard or have beautiful conversations. Their getting busier and busier for a reason, you just have to visit them whenever you can!

- Podcasts -

The school of greatness – Lewis Howes kills the game in so many ways, but his podcast has had many game changing interviews. The insights and stories shared on there have changed my life multiple times and through here I’ve discovered some of my best books and biggest mentors. I prefer watchin

g it on YouTube, but you can listen anywhere on any platform imaginable. Recently I got so fuelled up watching the episode with Bozoma Saint John, but honestly.. there are too many good interviews to pick a fave.

Marie Forleo – Her quirky way of being yet so smart and inspiring is just refreshing. This woman knows business, spirituality and how to have FUN while bringing you golden nuggets and amazing interviews. Find her preferably on YouTube. I really loved her recent one with Brene Brown.

The Model Health Show – I only got into this one recently, and honestly.. I would even just listen for the sound of Shawns voice, he is incredible. The recent episode with Shaun T (creator of the Insanity workouts) was mind-blowing and so have been many others. Informative, yet engaging and fun, it makes sense that this is one of the top health podcasts in the world!

And to be honest, I only have to go into my Facebook and Instagram or I get lost in the inspiring people who are living big lives, are leaders in their game and know how to light my fire. We spend so much time on social media, when was the last time you had a good look at who you are following? If someone doesn't boost your life energy, doesn't feel light and authentic, if they make you feel 'less then' or feel like you 'could never have this or that or be that way'.. unfollow immediately. Love them from a distance. You are worthy of feeling good about yourself and you are allowed to choose people around you who are uplifting your energy.

What are your favourites of the moment? Share them in the comments and let’s inspire each other!

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