Happy Habit Holidays

December is approaching and this can be a

challenging time for numerous reasons. It could be that you get overwhelmed by the idea of all the social events, holiday shopping and how to juggle everything that needs to happen. This time of year could also be highlighting a loss and bring a wave of grief because someone you love isn't here. For a lot of you daily life already is a challenge and December might feel like it throws in a whole new range of challenges on top of everything that is already present for you.

I know that for me the grief definitely plays. Christmas and my dad belonged together like cheese and wine. He loved nothing more than decorating his house, having candles lit everywhere and buying silly small gifts like our favorite peanut butter. He would be shopping and cooking from long in advance and christmas eve was without a doubt our favorite evening of the year. Christmas isn't the same since he passed away and I'm not even that interested in it anymore. For anyone that knows me personally.. that is a BIG thing for me to say as I would usually be playing Christmas songs all December and be the most excited of my family (after my dad, of course).

The past week I realized that the grief and sadness that this brings up is something I can run right over and pretend it's not there, wanting to skip into January quickly. OR, I could dive in and turn this into something positive, because the sadness only means there is big love. I wouldn't be acknowledging and respecting myself, my feelings and my dad if I would push it away. And let's be honest, then next year comes and the same cycle repeats itself. Well.. that ain't happening!!

It is still a beautiful time of the year and now that I'm allowing everything to be there.. The beauty reveals itself again, there is breathe and awe for this magical time. It's cozy, there are lights, love and connections between friends and family everywhere. And not only the holiday vibes, it's that end of one year leading up to the start of a new one. December is a perfect time to reflect on the past year, set intentions for the next and to take a little end sprint. Because as tempting as it is to let all our healthy habits slide in this time.. December is the exact moment to make a difference and move your life forward. With the holiday season already being demanding on your body and mind for many reasons, it is so important to keep your self loving, caring and healthy habits going throughout.

Yes, we indulge more here and there and that is absolutely healthy, amazing and needed. At the same time, sticking to your habits (or even building in new ones!) will boost you forward into 2018 with a solid foundation for whatever you want to achieve. THIS is the time to take a stand for yourself and your life, to put yourself first. Because if you keep your cup filled.. you have so much more to share and give.

Running around taking care of everyone and everything and forgetting about yourself will deplete your cup and that's exactly what we don't want. Especially keeping in mind that many of you reading this already have to be more careful with your energy whilst recovering from cancer. So let's take care of this and set ourselves up to love December, ourselves and our family and make this the best month of the year. Closing the year with deeply taking caring of ourselves and appreciating the gift that we are, whilst setting up the foundation for the new year like never before!

Challenge & prices!

Whether it's keeping your cup filled and overflowing or that you need some extra healing.. Join me in the #happyhabitholidays challenge throughout December and set 1-3 habits for yourself to stick to daily. They can be small or big, new ones, or ones that serve you already and you don't want to slip away in the busyness. It can be as simple as taking a moment of gratitude each morning in the shower, to working out a certain amount of times per week. Mine are:

  1. A minimum of 10 minutes meditation daily

  2. Switching off all technology by 10.30pm daily

  3. Workout 4x per week

And to make it even more fun.. there is a PRICE to win in the end of it!! To kickstart your year, I'm giving away 3 coaching calls (on Skype or face to face in Rotterdam) to 2 people. They will be 45min calls spread out through January and February to support you in moving your life and body forward.

I will be giving these calls away to the 2 people who stay most involved in the challenge. You can do this by posting in the MyHeartMoves Facebook Group and sharing the hashtag #happyhabitholidays in your social media posts. I am also active on the app called HabitShare, where we can become friends and share our habits for accountability. I've been doing this with friends and it is so motivating and inspiring!

Let's have fun with this, instead of seeing it as 'another thing to do'. This is an opportunity to build a tribe, support each other, have fun and practice in loving and taking care of ourselves. YOU are the highest priority in your life and you deserve it. Share this with your friends and family, so that they can join and support you. The #happyhabitholidays are all about loving, supporting connections with yourself and others. Comment below with with habits you are joining and let's get moving!!

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