Making space in 2018

2018 has started. Maybe it has been a kickass amazing start for you, maybe a slow one or maybe you just want to hide under the covers and you’re really not interested in the whole celebratory side of a new chapter. Wherever you are.. know that it is ok. And know that whether we want it or not.. it is happening, life is moving, changing and evolving, as it always does and always will.

So. as life is happening anyway, we might as well create the most out of it. Because the fact is.. you are living. Breathing. Alive. And isn’t THAT already something to be ridiculously thankful for? You’ve made it this far and you have so much more ahead. Whether it is a few days, months or years.. we never know how much we are being given, however what I do know: it is YOURS to choose what you do with it and how you fill it all in.

And let’s say we choose to take life on fully this year. To honour the gift of life that we have. That doesn’t mean run a marathon, travel the world, have millions in the bank, a successful business, a vibing family and party with friends all the time. Nope. Living fully to me means: living the way our soul wants to live. To do the things we deep down dream and crave to do. And not only learn how to hear and listen to that, but to ACT upon those whispers, regardless of the outside world’s opinions. To live authentically, in your power, navigating through all the challenges in life with ease and grace, joy and mad love for life with all it’s messiness.

Have a think and feel (or maybe you have already): what is your heart asking of you this year? What does your body need from you in care and love to become healthier and fitter? What would make this the most light, easy, free, fun, loving year yet? Write a few things down and have a look at them.

Some of these things might have been on your wish list for a while. Try to avoid getting frustrated of why you haven’t achieved these things or give up already before starting. You’ve had other lessons to learn first, the ones on this list weren’t meant to be completed just yet and that is ok. There is a divine order to everything and it all is definitely possible. We just have to do something first, and that is create SPACE.

Isn’t it amazing that this could be the year that they DO happen? So let’s do this, play with me here and dive in..

I invite you to have a think and feel: where in your life haven’t you been willing or ready to make room for these things to come into your life?

You often hear: your new life will cost you your old life. You have to give up to grow up. Elevation requires separation. Well.. these things are true. Because, if you’ve got your hands full with all sorts of things, just stuff, will you be able to hold something else? Even if someone hands you the prettiest thing on earth, if you are holding so much, you will not be able to receive it until you drop something else.

I have had an incredible history of over packing my schedule and my mum always said to me when I took on something new: so, what then drops off at the bottom? In other words: what are you letting go of to allow this new thing into your life?

She always annoyed me BIG time with this question lol, but I’m finally seeing her point. Sometimes we have to let go of something in our schedule, like a job. Other times it is a deep-rooted belief, like that you aren’t deserving of the thing. Or a habit like eating certain things.

For me over the past year it has been a LOT. A tendency to control everything. Perfectionism. Limiting beliefs around not being good enough, many stories around money, time, relationships and food. I had to let go and make room to create new ones. But it wasn’t all ‘let go of the negative’, I also sometimes had to let go of ‘good’ things, in order to make room for ‘better’.

And often the new thing wasn’t on the horizon yet. It was a leap of faith, having to trust that it would show up, if only I would empty my hands and hold them up expectantly to the universe, ready to receive. Time and time again it worked this way, I let go of something not knowing how the next dream or goal would come to life. And EVERY time again, it always does show up. Sometimes in an instant, like it’s been waiting for me to finally be ready to jump into my life. And other times it took longer, there were more lessons to be learned. But in the end.. things happen. As long as you put in the work, trust, believe and most of all: create space to welcome it all in.

Where in your life is it time for you to let go?

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