Flip your perspective & change your experience

We as humans have an opinion about EVERYTHING. We can't help it, it's what our brain does. Everything that we see, feel, think, hear and so on we give a meaning to. And there is nothing wrong with that, as long as we are aware of it. And as long as we are aware that the perspective that we have on things doesn't necessarily make it 'right' or 'wrong' or capital T True.

Points of perspective

When you are sitting front row in a theatre and are looking at a beautiful dance performance, you will see things from a different perspective than someone sitting in the balcony. And the person sitting on the left of the stage will see things differently, just as the person on the right, just as the dancers that are on stage. And yet, while the EXACT same thing is happening, we all experience it differently. This is true with all events in life and most of us will agree with this. For example even though you experience the same fight as your partner, you might both be telling a complete different story about it to your friends later. Besides perspective this has to do with your beliefs, past experiences, your current state of being and so much more that leads to a certain interpretation of an event.

But how about the perspectives within ourselves? What if we could choose from what frame of mind, what context, we enter a situation? Doesn't your way of being affect your experience when you step into a meeting, appointment, training or any other thing? It is so easy to forget that one and just allow things to happen to us. This can cause you to feel less and less in your power, like life is happening TO you instead of FOR you and the victim mode experience is right around the corner.

There is such a power in the HOW of approaching things. I just saw a post on instagram of a woman that said: 'Yes I'm smiling and Yes I'm at a cancer clinic - I choose happy'. It's not always as easy, I know that. And at the same time, if you take a moment of pause and ask yourself some powerful questions, open your mind to the complete opposite of what you've believed to be true.. you might experience life in a whole new and maybe even improved way. When you find yourself about to go into a situation where you suspect it to be negative, painful, disappointing or anything in that nature, you can follow these few steps to flip the perspective:

  • Take a pause and take 5 deep breaths

  • Notice how you're feeling, what is happening in your body and what thoughts are running through your head.

  • Notice your expectations of what might happen and then imagine as clearly as you can the COMPLETE opposite outcome. Don't hold back here, let your creativity run wild. What if something completely different would be true or happen? You can do this with multiple outcomes, play with it. This will already change your state.

  • Now that you've imagined things from multiple perspectives, ask yourself what do you choose now? How do you choose to enter the situation? In the end we never know what might happen in the future, but with our thoughts and way of being we do heavily influence the outcomes.

Practice with this, play with it. It doesn't always guarantee you will have a different experience, but your mind will be triggered in a different way and this will get you out of being 'stuck' in your head. More creativity, more flow, more open mindedness. You will open up to the infinite possibilities that exist and if anything, you will be surprised at what a magic meaning making machine your brain is.

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