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Have you ever heard of the research of the frog in the water bath? I was reminded of it this weekend at a talk and it really stirred something in me. It was a very simple experiment, done in the 19th century and it says that if a frog is placed in boiling water, it will jump out, but if it is placed in cold water that is slowly heated, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death.

Isn’t that just such an accurate metaphor for what is happening to our health at the moment? How more and more people are getting obese, people being increasingly inactive, cancer is getting ‘normal’, people taking life long medication is seen as ‘normal’, the number of kids being diagnosed with autism and ADHD are so high and ohh how this list could go on.

We live in a society where so many of us are so comfortable in our warm water, where so many people are settling for ways of living that are being made so ‘easy’ for us, without realising that the water is starting to boil, if not boiling already. If you’re looking at cancer, did you know that it takes an average of 7-8 years for a tumor to develop? It’s not something that just all of the sudden is there, it’s an accumulation of many years, while the water of your bath slowly heats up.

I might be triggering a lot of people with this, but it’s time for us to realise that a lot of us can jump out. The way we’ve been living and the direction things are going in.. it is clearly NOT working. And some things that happen to people are down to genetics, some things are just unexplainably sad. I am very, very much aware of that. And at the same time, when you look at for example cancer, the numbers are clear.

Research shows that 70-90% of cancers are lifestyle and environment related. For a lot of people this might be a very painful pill to swallow. And I am not putting blame on you at all, I am not saying ‘it’s your own fault’. I am saying: wherever you find yourself in life right now, you have more power and influence on your life than you think. You can choose how you live your life with the cards that are being dealt to you and what you surround yourself with. How long and healthy we then will live.. there is no guarantee for that. But you definitely can make sure you live your life in the best quality possible, with full attention and intention to your well being in whatever situation you find yourself.

I’m not here to give you a rant and tell you all the things that are wrong with today’s society. Doing that would only bring more negativity and could go on for hours. However, I am writing this to seriously challenge your thinking. I am asking you to question everything you’re being told, you’ve learned, what you think is ‘normal’. Whether the things you do, what you put in your body, what you surround yourself with and so on are ACTUALLY serving your health. And yes, there are so many grey areas, so much conflicting information and often it’s hard where to even start. And still, we owe it to ourselves to at least try and take a close look at what is going on. There is so much that we can take ownership over, that can help us get out of this slowly heating bath, wake up and live a much richer (and hopefully healthier for longer) life.

So what do you look at? Basically EVERYTHING that you surround yourself with. This goes from the food that you eat to the people in your life, the house you live in and the thoughts you have. To make this digestible, let’s briefly look at 7 important areas:

  • Food. Is what you eat really coming out of nature or has it been put together by a factory? So much of our food from the supermarket nowadays isn’t even real food, but carefully crafted ingredients that only have the purpose of you eating more of it, not making you the healthiest possible. While what we find in nature is perfect as it is with an amazing balance of nutrients, which bring our body healing, strength and health.

  • Movement. Our bodies are the best machine ever created and are designed to move. The stronger and fitter we are, the better our whole system works. Including the clearing up of unhealthy or damaged cells and replacing them with strong, healthy ones.

  • People. You become the 5 people you spend most of your time with. Your frequency, energy and the way your heart beats adjust to who is in your environment. You will level with whoever is near you, so who do you choose to spend your time with? But also.. how about all the media you consume? Is it really bringing you life energy?

  • Emotional being. When we experience an event and that causes emotions, this creates a biochemical response in our body and this nestles into our cells. We store emotions, stories, beliefs etc. in our body which is like an amazing library. Simplified, releasing those stories and emotions and working on our beliefs about the world help improve our cell function and therefore our health.

  • Environment. The air that we breathe, is it really clean? And what about the water you drink, the lights that you see every day, how much time you spend outside up to even the floor and paint in your house? We can’t prevent all toxins, but we can surely limit them as much as possible and help our bodies process what we can’t avoid.

  • Recovery. How much time do you allow yourself to rest and what’s your sleep quality like? We experience so much input from media, screens, talking to people, doing things. What’s your output like? Do you allow yourself time in silence, solitude, are you meditating or doing any releasing practices?

  • Joy of life. Because having fun, feeling gratitude, being in this now moment and seeing the magic of it is life force to it’s purest. When you laugh, love and are thankful there is no place for contraction, fear and sadness at the same time. Bringing more light to your life will help you breathe through the dark moments.

Do you want to dive deeper into this?

If you are interested in diving deeper into these areas, then leave a comment below and I might create 7 free guides into all these areas for you.. They would be jam packed with hacks and value, covering things like:

  • Tips and tricks that will improve your health and wellbeing in that area

  • Book, podcast and video/documentary suggestions

  • How to hit the reset button in that area

  • What questions to ask yourself

  • What red flags to look out for

And much more.. Let me know in the comments what you would benefit from!

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